Oct 29, 2008


Beware of an empty mind with abundant time.
Domain of worthless views and hapless sighs.

While anxiously waiting for the credit squeeze to claim its next victim, I decided to start my own blog. I got fed up with so much carnage on the trading floor, made worse by inevitable wails emanating from client meeting rooms. So before apathy and numbness set in, i pick up a new hobby.

Given the circumstances, it's the sanest thing to do next to lemon drops (yup! another learning).

Blogging isn't really new to me as i made few attempts two years ago. Sloth caught up with me that i only had two posts.

Now what a more appropriate way to restart my journey to the exhilarating, sometimes nasty, world of blogging than by paying tribute to my two jurassic works.

Click on and know my BEGINNINGS . . .