Dec 14, 2008


I'm starting to believe Life is full of surprises.

I took a Northwest flight from Chicago to Manila via Japan. While I was waiting for my turn to board the plane in Narita, the NW agent announced the flight was overbooked and they needed volunteers who were willing to give up their seats.

Smelling freebies, I immediately had myself bumped off to a JAL flight a day after.

The deal i got?

Overnight stay at Radisson (i was tempted to go to downtown Tokyo but time wasn't on my side). A free roundtrip ticket to the U.S., redeemable within a year. Two thousand Worldperks miles. USD 50 airport voucher.

How's that to cap a week-long respite?

And oh, i also got a Sakura lounge pass. For a moment, I thought i earned a business class upgrade too.