May 23, 2009


Initially posted on FB. Transplanted to a newly-revitalized blog. =)
So there!

1. joined amateur singing contest at 4. lost. got ice drop for a prize. (mama wanted a crooner son)

2. went to grade 1 at 5 (since i was a failure in #1, mama then wanted a scholar son) but took grade 3 twice.

3. rumored to have fallen from the monkey bars in grade 3 (probably the reason of the "BUT" in #2). can't remember but accepted the rumor as fact.

4. became out-of-school-youth due to #3. so i smoked my first yosi at 9. B.I.? ang tambay nga silingan sa Ampayon.

5. first disappointment: ralph got accepted to volleyball team in grade 6. i got rejected. i taught ralph how to play. classic case of student outsmarting (or outplaying) the teacher. ;-)

6. nobody knows this: i was a stalker at 12. she was 2 years my senior. volleyball player. her brother is my batch. ;-)

7. never got elected as President/Mayor/Governor. always VICE. next: P.R.O.

8. tardiness is next to godliness: HS: missed the first-period classes; COLLEGE: i was a nerd so N.A.; BPI: office at 9 AM; CITI MNL: office at 9:30, CITI SING: office at 10. i just love Singapore!

9. nick evolution: ingking-id-ed-eds-etch-etchiks-edz-eggshells-edge-edsul-sul-eggshulls-sarge

10. hate sunrise, love sunset

11. owl/evening person/insomniac (in other words: i hate morning persons with their chirpy good mornings)

12. addiction: alcohol (faves: tequila shots, vodka lemon drops, SMB, Hoegaarden, asahi, red horse para tipid hubog dayon and my ultimate basagan long island I.T.)

13. this year, cutting down on # 12 due to advancing age. status so far: SUCCESS!

14. hated music until i stumbled into trance/house/club/techno. yes, they're music

15. i work hard, i party harder. (can be related to #14. go figure)

16. dislike sharings during prayer meetings. they all seem to have the biggest problems. i get pressured coz i don't. sometimes i just make them up so i have something to share. 

17. restored the FAITH. had my epiphany in 2008 in ironically, non-Catholic Singapore. God works in mysterious ways.

18. always the optimist. not a quitter. in short, stubborn.

19. loves flying & fascinated with airplanes & airports. i now collect airplane models. 

20. travel trivia: was denied boarding & left by my plane several times (domestic & international) reason? refer to # 8.

21. i love blogging but i hardly post in my DEACTIVATING THE AUTOPILOT blog coz i can't rant about my job there. so i have a secret blog. gained several hits, anonymous cyber-friends & loyal followers. embrace technology! 

22. i splurge on travel. next stop: Australia in May (will skydive)

23. a chronic ningas cogon: enrolled in a photography class but didn't even attend a single class; took Masters of Stat in UP but went AWOL after 2 sems; recently read 4 books but stopped halfway . . . 

24. comfort food: Mama's macaroni salad
25. doing this is quite fun. so MORE!


Some do it to earn a bigger windfall. For Ninoy’s sake.  Manong driver does a batingting so his meter can run faster than the speed of light.

Others, to fill a void. For Cupid’s sake.  Hubby (or to be gender-sensitive, wifey) scours the great plain, finds a willing prey and lands in a ready nest.

Manay Lolit did it for fame. Apo Ferdie for greed. Pareng Wristband due to sheer stupidity. La Gloria out of habit.

For the act to be consummated, two participants are needed. Both are assumed to play equally-important roles. One cannot exist without the other. Active and passive. Cheater and cheatee.

Now before we pass judgment on the cheater and shed a tear for the cheateee, let’s mull over the following:

Who cheats who?  Quick reply. Cheater cheats cheateee. How about cheater cheats cheater? Think self crime.

Who's better off, worse off? Manong driver goes home happier, car barn earlier. Hubby (yes, wifey) ends up emotionally filled, carnally satisfied. In the case of the "offended" party, "what you don't know wont hurt you."

Who's to blame? Manong driver who  knows how to smell opportunity. Passenger who’s oblivious and doesn’t care. A libidinally needy hubby (yes, wifey). A “ barren” spouse.

Does it serve the common good? Think emancipation of both.