Nov 25, 2009


Beyond words.

Beyond emotions.

All we seek is action.

Swift justice.

Nov 12, 2009


Finally, the much-needed and well-deserved break . . .

It's not yet party season in Boracay. The plan was to just strap ourselves to the beach chair and let time pass by, blithely unnoticed.

A quiet witness to the famed sunset.

With my trusty ice cold beer.

In my pitstop.

Nov 6, 2009


It's as basic as the three Rs.

Now, the four Rs?

Reading . . . wRiting . . . 'Rithmetic . . . and . . .

Red Horse !

*PWIT - Pinoy Wit

Nov 2, 2009


In my own intermittent, unpredictable way, I'm back!

Blogging has been sidelined by the rigors of my job and of course, my advanced state of ennui. Oppressive boredom or general lack of interest, according to Mr. Wiki.

While the market is poised to dive, I am frozen in my room by the cold November rain. Tribute to the Guns', not! But literally recoiled in my bed, having colds (and cough!) listening to the gentle spattering of November rain.

Despite the frosty welcome to a brand new month, I have a lot of things to be excited about:

1. Hitting the b*tch, er , beach next week.
Yes, I need a breather. (hoping the typhoons will take the cue from me too)

2. Friends coming over to SG
Yes, I need additional souls to roam around my flat. It has taken so much of a breather already.

3. Goals on track till year-end
Not personal. Purely business. It's been quite long since I tasted that B or C.

4. Total healing from a back injury
I badly need the endorphin fix and can't wait to eat metals again. And this time, I'll be gentle and cautious.

5. Christmas
Bonding time with family and reconnecting with old friends. Those-are-silver-these-are-gold kind of thing.

So there.