Feb 17, 2010


I was rushing to catch my 6 PM train to Novena when a colleague in her late forties caught me along the frantic flow.

"On your way to the gym?"

"Nope. Catching the 6:30 mass at the Redemptorist."

"Oh! It's a holy day or something? Aaii yoh, totally forgot!"

I have no idea she is Catholic. Baptized just last year. In a society with a motley mix of culture, ethnicity and beliefs, you can't tell.


A guy named Christian is in fact Buddhist. Sulainti Binte an Indian. Tarhata a devout Christian. Vikram a Moslem. And all other fascinating permutations.

"What's the feast again?"

"Ash Wednesday."

"What's the significance? Sorry lah, I was absent when I had that lecture!"

I almost choked. Amused that even Singaporeans have that excuse.

In my Romano-esque, smart-alecky tone, "we came from dust, to dust we return!"

She had that bewildered silence. Mine a confused smugness.

I could get her puzzlement. What? Just like that? Mere dust! Nothing great? Thought God created us in his image. Something special! The fuss then?

Geez! I could see the eyes. I could hear the taunt. Ms. Romano was back!

"Errr, reminds us of our mortality. Start of Lent, y' know!"

Bit of a tentative smile. I wonder if she will rethink her joining the flock.

"Ok lah! I go this way."

Ha! Saved not by the bell. But by the turnstile. For that, I vow no Coke and dessert for 40 days.

Have a reflective Season folks!


jaspercaesar said...

oh but she's just new. needs a guide to make her remain in the flock. kawawa naman ang lola mo!

be steadfast in your goal, and the Lord shall bless thee.

Sarggy said...

Amen jat! =)

Mark Villanueva said...

HA!40 days no coke huh?tanawon nato.mag chills nka ana.

i have a friend c fatima. moslem cya hehe

Mark Villanueva said...

nakurat ko sa imo blog kay daghan nag bago posts hehe by the way, about sa previous article about restos sa SG, i remember nangaon mi ni koko sa greenbelt, sa banana leaf. we didn't know where to dine so the usual conversation was: asa man ta kaon, bai? ikaw gud kung asa imo gusto. cge na ba asa man? maski asa ra lagi ikaw buot... amo na, dugay kau makadecide. then finally nag decide c tabako nga "diha nalang ta sa banana leaf kay at least inato ra. wala ko kaila sa uban restawrant diri. banana leaf ra ta kay mura ra og aling cora"

grabe ka palpak. nag order pa gid si koko og kare-kare. na shock ang waitress

jaspercaesar said...

bwahahahaha nakatawa ko sa imo istorya markv.

uy niabot baya ko adto with luis ba to?

jaspercaesar said...

my neighbor's name is nazir adil. but he is aglipay and skwela sa urios.

Song Yong In said...

ai yoh!
panagsa nalang ko ka surf sa blogs ha kay brownouts (og apil na pod puasa ginagmay)...
i agree with jasper...guide her sa faith - unsaon nalang imong pagka first sa religion class lah, bwahahaha!
keep blogging eds : )

ps. sus, pag human sa lent, maligo jud ka sa coke og malumos ka sa dessert : )

Sarggy said...

mark, kaya lagi nang no coke gyud =) waaahhhh nakakatawa ko sa kare kare. naa pa bay banana leaf sa gbelt run?

yen, pait kaayo nang way kurente uy! sige mag active nako ug blog