Dec 23, 2011


This is probably one of the shortest Christmas breaks I've had. I used to pack and leave the moment I heard the first peeling of the bells for simbang gabi. But since I just started with a new company (loosely translated as haven't found my rhythm), I chose to cram the holiday break into one short, hopefully sweet week. Okay, a little over a week.

The first two days in Manila were, shall I say, kickass! Got inebriated on the first night and stoned on the second. Kidding on the stoning part. Nice thing about having different sets of friends is that you get to have a diverse way of having fun. SMB and Red Horse vs. wine and cheese. That sort.

Now I'm in my beloved Ampayonville. Had my first home-cooked meal for the year. Pata ng baboy, dinuguan and of course, the best macaroni salad in the world. They don't actually match but heck, not complaining. I was so full, bundat to the point of catatonia. Dozed off after.

Time check, 1:48 AM. Just woke up after passing out.

Merry Christmas!

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